The Source of the Nile

We took a boat ride on Lake Victoria to see the source of the Nile. … Lake Victoria feeds the Nile and the “bubbling” headwaters that come from Uganda – Remember Ssezebwa Falls??? That is where we hiked and the alters for unholy sacrifices were there. We it is those waters that bubble up in lake Victoria.

This year the team went back to pray at Ssezebwa Falls. PS and I stayed back due to space in the van being limited and the need to pull together the gift bags for house to house visitations.

While there, the team encountered the witch doctors who just happened to be doing their goat and chicken sacrifices at the top of the falls. The team prayed and interrupted the whole event. PK said the witch doctors got frustrated as they prayed in the Name of Jesus and in tongues. Light always triumphs over darkness.

And they remained Steadfast and Grew in the Lord

I was assigned to do the Sunday service at the same church that I preached at 2 years ago.
What a glorious honor to be sent back. It has always been my heart to return to the places that I’ve been before.
They had built a new building. It was nice to know that the congregation was growing. They out grew the previous location!
Thank you Lord for adding to the church daily, such as should be saved!!!!

For me to go back, it is not always about being a blessing, but being blessed by the Father as He reveals to me that the fruit is remaining and growing.

Pastor Paul and the people were just as delighted with my return as I was. We preached on Joy and Healing. Many were touched.
What was usually a 3 hour service turned into a 6 hour service which was a sheer delight.

John 15:8 When you bear (produce) much fruit, My Father is honored and glorified, and you show and prove yourselves to be true followers of Mine.
Thank you Lord for showing us the fruit remains and they remain steadfast in you!

Where to go when you don’t have a place to go

The camps are being broken down and UN is pulling out. The goal is to get the people back to their villages. Many have established businesses in the “trading posts” and have a new village and have not left. They have seized established a new village and have decided not to depart.

Yet there are many others who don’t have anything to go back to as it was destroyed. They have a fear of going back and being attacked again.
We visited camp that really was distressed. It was hard for all not to get frustrated with the behavior of the people. They were using deceit and trickery to get more of the aid we brought. It was the Lord who had to let us see beyond the natural and give us hearts of compassion and eyes of love to see that it was, is a “survival” mode they were in.

The people would do anything to get more and more and more. I told P. Bill that I wanted to just stay with each family for a month to help them understand the love of God and get their focus off of themselves. To really look outward to see how they can help their neighbor instead of hording up due to fear of lack.

It is a sincere cry of my heart… Reach them with the Love of God and give them a purpose for their life….let them know that you are their Provider, Strong Tower and One they can run to, Father God.