And he said, Who art thou, Lord?

When we were in Uganda in July, we met a woman, Brenda, who had been healed of Aids.
She was a Muslim woman whose husband and her were diagnosed with aids. Her husband died and she realized that if she died her children would too as no-one would take them in.

Brenda cried out to God to heal her for the sake of her children. God spoke to her and told her to “repent” for the sins of Uganda, the idolatry, witchcraft and false god worship and He would heal her and use her.

Brenda repented and was healed.

On this last trip back, I was blessed to be ministering with Brenda. She is a humble, unassuming lady that is full of the Love and the presence of God. As we went about doing the work of the Lord, the Holy Spirit revealed something to me.

It had to do with the Voice of the Lord. See, all of Brenda’s life, she had prayed to Allah and Mohammad, never to get an answer. But when she cried out for mercy from GOD.. Jehovah answered. She knew the difference.. and called on Jesus.

Acts 9:5 And she said, Who art thou, Lord?

On top of the Hill at the end of the path

Sits this wonderful church where we ministered and enjoyed great fellowship.
They served us a dinner of Lake Victoria Talapia, grilled to perfection, sweet potato, pineapple (yummy yummy yummy), wonderful matoke in j-nut (peanut) sauce with what I would call a Ugandan Fried Rice… A blessing to the team…

church-on-hill.JPG lunch.JPG

Teaching, Preaching and Sharing…..

Some went and did hut to hut ministry. I was asked to do the children’s ministry. I was given rubber bandz bracelets to bring with me on this trip. They were faith based ones so I was able to share with the children the plan of salvation, Daniel and the lions den, and David and Goliath.
After each lesson, I would ask the children who would volunteer to repeat the lesson. The one who did got a packet of 12.
The others all received a bracelet from the story…

The number of children ebbed and flowed as I taught. Many came who wanted the bracelets.. not knowing the story, the volunteers would repeat “preach” the story of their bracelets.

Another lesson followed on giving to those who have an abundance to those who have little or none. The children grabbed on to being a blessing to others as the ones who had more than one bracelet shared with those who did not have any. We had such a wonderful time teaching, preaching and sharing…

tps.JPG faithbandz.JPG

Would I kindly let it down????

As I started to minister to the children, they were pointing at the shirt of one of the girls. On the front, she had a blond hair blue eyed girl. They looked at me… and then they looked at her shirt. The children then had a special request for me…

Would I kindly let it down????

My hair came down and I allowed them to touch my hair. Sally gave me a brush so the children could brush my hair. It was so precious and to me a simple pleasure in life. Their reactions none the less were priceless.

I desired to know completely what they were saying… Mazumba’s hair is soft, slippery and different from ours… One day maybe? Even the boys wanted to have their turn brushing my hair.

Mazumba = white (european person)

hair.jpg hair1.JPG hair2.JPG