To Be Loved!!!!

The PH Orphanage a place where you can see what it is like to be loved. Special needs children (which is defined by the government to cover a wide range of special children with challenges clef lips, heart problems, physical, and development) are all there. The founder, Tim, and his wife, Pam, are humble people being obedient to what the Lord has directed them to do. They have been given an open heaven to dispense love and enable the children to receive the necessary medical care and in most cases be adopted into a family. It is an amazing place and I always look forward to our return. All of the children hold a special place in my heart.

I first visited the Orphanage a year ago in Dec. 2005. I was amazed at the vision the Lord had given Tim to for the orphanage. At the time, we walked, prayed and thanked the Lord for the vision. When I was back in May of 2005, I rejoiced with Tim and the staff on how the Lord was bringing the vision to pass. In 6 months many of the buildings were completed and operational. The Children’s park was installed (my role was a slide inspector and made sure the rides were fun ~ All of the slides passed)

On this last trip in Nov/Dec. 2006, I sat and listened to Tim share updates on some of the children and their medical treatment. He then moved on to the list of Children that were waiting for treatment. One by one, name by name, he listed off each child. Tim has 7 children (4 from China) but as I listened, I realized that really he had 117 children (many more who have been adopted out). I could hear the love and passion for reaching the children in his voice. I kept thinking to myself, wow, here is a man of faith!! He talked about how 10 years ago when the Lord spoke to him about the orphanage, he did not know how it would come to pass. Now here we sat rejoicing about what the Lord has done, doing and will do. He asked us to join him in prayer for the funds to perform the surgeries and other needs to be met. There is one more house yet to be funded. If any of you have it on your heart to assist with the building of the last house, let me know and I’ll get you hooked up with Tim and the PH Foundation. PH is really really treasured to me.

Getting good at eating with Chopsticks!!!!

Our group is eating traditional Chinese food, for some it is a step way outside of their comfort zone. I’ll not forget to mention they are also getting use to eating with chopsticks and most meals are eaten with Chopsticks (ok if you really really need a fork, they will bring you one). I’m getting pretty good at using the chopsticks and don’t have too much run a way food.

The food (some of what looks funny) can be a challenge. I encourage them to invoke the missionary food rule and just try little bites to see if they like something. I like to watch the kid’s and in many ways, they are doing better than the adults!

Our breakfasts are traditional Chinese foods. Bamboo shoots, Chinese veggies, Pancakes (Chinese but really nice), hot chili peppered celery (really tasty ~ but hotttttttttt!) and tea. We had our lunch of Traditional Peking Duck ~ a culinary delight that all must have when in China. They serve the meals by using a giant “lazy susan” in the middle of the table. You need to move fast as the food goes zipping by. It is a great concept here and no one had to say, “pass the rice.”

I enjoyed seeing the adventurous spirit people have when it comes to the strange food ~ fermented eggs, quail eggs (Last time I had them they tasted like ˜smoked mozzarella cheese, so this time, I encouraged others to try them. Well, no smoked mozzarella taste this time. Sorry Guys, but hey an egg is an egg ~ right???) To most of the groups relief, we did not eat at the “fear factor” buffet on this trip as most food was identifiable.

Zoe and Jackilin showing how to use Chopsticks correctly:

zcs.jpg jlchop.jpg

Transportation: Planes, Trains and Rickshaws

Planes: Travel to China takes about 16 hours with a stop in Tokyo. It is a long journey, but not the longest I’ve been on. I’m still seeking God for his grace to be able to sleep on my plane travels.

Trains: This trip to China has been a unique one as the Lord has created an opportunity for us to venture out and visit a town in central China. In order to arrive at our destination, we had to travel by overnight train. This is my first overnight trip on a train. I’l set up the scene: 2 bunks in a compartment. For safety, 2 men and 2 ladies would share the bay. I was surprised to see that we had a luxury coach. It had a western bathroom and was very clean. One of men sharing the bay shared his train experiences from Eastern Europe quite different. The 12 hour journey is filled with stops at towns along the way. You are rocked to sleep by the motion of the train. You are jolted awake by the sudden application of the brakes to slow the train down. All in all, I quite enjoyed the experience.

Our train ride back was a different experience. Same set up with bays, but the train was not the luxury liner we had experienced on the first trip. We enjoyed the coolness of the room provided by windows falling down every time a train passed from the other direction or a sudden braking. Would not be bad but it was really cold and add the wind chill factor in let’s just say, I slept with all socks, hats, gloves and apparel on to keep warm. What a wonderful adventure.

Rickshaws are carriages drawn by either a person pulling them or riding a bike. It is a nice way to see the city as we can go into back alleys that a car would not take you. I laughed as we had to balance the rides with shifting bodies around to evenly distribute the weight younger folks hauled more people and the older drivers took on fewer people. It was cold but enjoyable. Our tour took us around a lake in the center of the town. At one point man in a bathing suit runs in front of the rickshaw and jumps into the lake. I looked out and saw many men swimming across the lake. I guess it is the Chinese version of the polar bear club.

People don’t come back every 6 months! Why are you back ~ again?

Ever since I was a young girl, I had always wanted to see the Great Wall, but I don’t think I ever thought that I’d be there three times (at least in one year!)

I always enjoy the Climb up and it’s getting easier and easier. (Photo below shows how steep it is. I’m standing on a landing looking forward).

Again, I was back in front of some of the people I’d met previously; I heard the following words a number of time, “People don’t come back every 6 months! Why are you back ~ again? ” They too, were amazed that I was back for the third time in a year. I would share that it is Love that sends me back to encourage them in their walk with Jesus. It was also to share that great Love with others. Open hearts on the wall on the way up and down. So, I’ll keep going and making the climb. I did find out that there is another section of the wall with a giant slide to help you get down. I was told it is quite the ride ~ I’m hoping that I’ll be able to see another section of the wall in the future!

By the way, my first snowfall experience of 2006 was on the on the Top of the Great Wall! (Honestly, at the time, there was more snow there than back home!)

The easy walk down A new Friend on the Wall

steep wall3.jpg new friend.jpg

A shot in the arm of faith from Dr. Ma

A visit to the elderly care center. I’ve listened to Dr. Ma tell her testimony three times in a year. I am further challenged in my faith as I sit and listen to her share. Here is a woman who at 65 had colon cancer and was told that there was nothing they could do. She told God, I can not die, I’ve not done anything for you yet. She started the elderly care center and was totally healed in the process. She’s 86 years old now.

Each time I listen, my heart is stirred more and more. From a natural standpoint, there are many needs and she shares how God is faithful to take care of all of them. From coal (yes, they burn coal to heat the little rooms), blankets to help them keep warm (shelter, not tight and warm like at home, but shelter), daily food (which arrived as she was sharing how God provides the meals!) and rent for the buildings (you can own a house but not the land and you pay rent). We sip on hot tea as we listen to her share then depart to see the seniors and pray for needs. Funny thing is that as I sat there I was wondering about the grandpas, we’ve visited and seen many grandmas but never elderly men. I was wondering where they were being cared for. God answered my question, on this trip, we visited and prayed for the grandpas. I was touched as some of them prayed for US! Yes, when we were finished praying for them, they lifted their hearts up in prayer for us. It was wonderful.

Praying Grandpa Grandma Reading Prayer for others

Filled Grampa!     grandmaedit.jpg prayer for grandma.jpg