Words to describe….

I returned home on the 21st of October. This is after 7 weeks of AWESOME ministry in a place where the Lord placed me and I only shared a small glimpse of what He has done. I will be going back ~ The Lord has started something and will finish it in and through me. He has deposited a deeper love in my heart for the people of Fiji. Thank you all for your prayers ~ they enabled all to stay connected to, hear clearly from and be focused on the Lord as He accomplished His will and purpose. Thank you for going on this mission with me (you were all there in spirit I know).

1539 made Jesus their Lord and Savior (this is in addition from the 2500+ who received the Lord through the team in Sept.)

There was an open heaven and many many muslims now confess Jesus the Son of God as their Lord and Savior. Many Hindu’s too now believe in the One True Living God, Who sent His One True Son and the Only Holy Acceptable Sacrifice, the Redeemer of our sins.

900+ were filled with the Holy Spirit

50+ were healed in the Name of Jesus as God touched their bodies

All praises, glory and honor to God our Father who spared nothing when He sent His Son Jesus for us!

There is a song that best describes what I am feeling. Below are the words…..

I’m overwhelmed by your love. Your amazing love to me. I’ll never understand why You’ve chosen to be my friend. I will not forget the price You paid of love on Calvary. Amazing Love, Amazing Garce, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and praise. I will rejoice, fall on my knees. Lift up my voice, a love song I will sing. A serenade of sweet worship to you my King.

This is just the beginning and I will continue to write as this life I now lead is totally for Him. I depart in a few short weeks to go back to China. The site will focus on preparation for that trip.

Also, I’m going to post instructions on how to leave comments and send e-mails to me from the site in the pages section in the near future. God Bless you all! K

Festival of True Light

Pastor Akei had asked me if at all possible, could I please find some time to minister today ~ he had some people that he really wanted me to meet. I had planned for packing my suitcases and preparing to leave. I prayed and was impressed to go and minister with Pastor Akei in the morning.

The families I was brought to were families that Pastor Akei and his wife, Vasiti, had been ministering too. One was an Indian family was preparing for Diwali, which is the Hindu holiday known as the festival of lights. The Lord had opened up an opportunity for His Truth to go forth and speak directly to the hearts of the family members. They prayed to receive Jesus. The eldest daughter was there and she was excited to see me. She was in Class 7 from the Methodist school. She was so happy that her family was now going to join her in heaven! Glory To God ~ The True Festival of Light was being celebrated!!!!

Raise your hands to heaven!!!

Mr. Signh asked me to visit classes for the remainder of the day. I was happy to oblige. I went from room to room spending about 15 minutes with each class. I was able to reaffirm the message of salvation, being filled and answer any questions the students had.

I was having fun sharing about the other places I had been sent and personal tidbits. I told each class that if they remembered anything about my visit, please to make sure it was not that I had white skin (no tan here~maybe alittle off white ), not my blond hair, not my blue eyes. But to remember that they will go to heaven one day because Jesus is their Lord. They showed me big grins as they said “I’m going to heaven, because Jesus is my Lord.” It was precious.

I was also sharing that they did not need me to continue being filled with the Spirit. All they needed to do was to raise their hands to heaven and ask the Lord to fill them. In the first Class 1 (first grade), I wasn’t asking them to actually do it, but the class raised their hands and said “Fill me Lord.” Once again, the fire of God fell. Some students fell over and giggled and giggled. Others mouths were again giving praises to God in a heavenly prayer language. The sweet presence of the Lord filled the room and one knew again that this was not due to the efforts of man. This happened again in the second Class 1 I visited. The Lord was again filling the children by them responding to what His Holy Spirit was prompting them to do in their hearts ~ lift their hands to heaven. Glory and Praises to the One True Loving God!

And they were assembled in one accord.

Friday has arrived. I had not filled a group this large with the Holy Spirit before. This was going to be a new experience for me. I was seeking the Lord to show me what to do. It was impressed upon my heart that I’d know when the time arrived.

The assembly was broken into parts. First was the morning devotional and prayer by two students. Followed by a recognition ceremony for achievements in athletics and outstanding classes, students and other classroom recognition. Then they raised the Fijian Flag and sang 2 songs. One was the Fijian national Anthem the other was a praise song to the Lord. After the normal assembly activities were completed, Mr. Signh, introduced me to the entire school.

Good Morning Madam, rang as I stepped up to the microphone. I greeted them and then what happened next, I am in awe. The Lord had me say just a few things: first was they knew God the Father, our Creator, God the Son, Jesus our Redeemer, but God wanted them to know God the Holy Spirit, the one who could complete them and enable them to fulfill all the plans and purposes He had for each individual. I asked all the children to close their eyes and focus on God. Do not think about anything but God. We said a few Hallelujahs then I was prompted to read the first few verses of Acts Chapter 2. As soon as I got done reading verse 3 and started to pray in tongues, the Fire of God fell upon the Children. Some started laughing, some were speaking in tongues and others were weeping. I stood in Awe weeping at His Majestic Presence. There were waves of the Spirit moving over the children and it would grow louder then softer then louder. It was a Glorious Sound from Heaven!! This went on for a while. Those walking by the school would stop and watch as the waves of the Holy Spirit move over the children. I could only stand and praise the God for what He had just done.

I do pray that as you’ve read these words, the Holy Spirit of God floods your hearts as He did the children. It was an experience that was Truly Beautiful, Absolutely Pure, Definitely Holy, and only and All of Him. If any of you have not been filled with the Holy Spirit of the Lord, just close your eyes like the children and focus on God. Lift your hands to heaven and ask Him to flood you with His Holy Spirit so you are filled.

one accord.jpg

I should have brought a Sari for tea.

The teachers all put on a tea to come together as a group. There are 24 teachers and over half of the teachers are of Indian descent. All of the teachers brought an dish to share. My food experiences had been limited to mostly traditional Fijian foods. At the tea, there was a mixture of Indian foods all were new to me. As I selected the foods, I followed my missionary rules:

# 3 Try everything once ~ you’ll be surprised &

# 4 When it comes to trying new foods, start with a spoonful. You can always swallow a spoonful, but not necessarily a plateful

I was full of questions about what each food item was and how they were made. All of them were quick to share with me how to cook the foods that were prepared. Yes, I will try to duplicate some of them at home. I was given some of the spices and the tea so I can have my own tea party. Honestly, I can say that ALL of the food was tasteful and nice ~ some unusually hot as they were loaded with chili’s ~ but all good:)

When tea was finished, the women stayed back to clean up. Most of the Indian women wore beautiful sarees (wrap dresses) and they were talking about the latest fashion for creating pleats. I was watching and listening attentively as one teacher explained to the others how to wrap themselves and create a beautiful flowing pleats. When they started to wrap each other, I was right there. I mentioned that I was given a beautiful sari the day before as a gift. Had I known, I would have brought it so that they could wrap me up too. “Next time,” they said, “bring your sari to tea & we will wrap you too.”

**Side note, Yes, I did try to wrap myself later quite funny. I discovered with all of those yards of fabric, one really needs assistance when putting on a sari, especially for the first time!!!