Just this morning, they asked know more about the Bible

Our driver, which I said was our “tour guide” , was a close friend of the couple we stayed with. He had a full time job with the police force where he an officer in charge. Most of his free time was spent driving us to and from villages.

He listened to our conversations as he drove and we talked about the goodness of God. He played praise and worship music and sang along. He observed us give freely to those in need. Saw the Joy of the Lord filled us as we took the long short cut through the mountains and tracked elephants (the pot holes were so big, I thanked him for taking us on an elephant tracking adventure!) Smiled as he took us to explore the night market for gifts after a long 18 hour day already.

Our last drive was to the airport and the Lord opened the door for us to share with two very special people who were in the vehicle. Jenny had been planting seeds into these two for a long time. And it was time for the harvest. Conversion from buddhism is not an easy thing. Often times it means that you will be ostracized from your families. So to take the step to receive Jesus as Lord is one that often will be of great sacrifice.

As we shared about the great Love of God that had us praying and then sent us to Thailand, you could see the hearts open wide up. We talked about how they served us by being there to drive us around, or watch Jenny’s two children as we ventured out for days. That we could not possibly give any earthly gift that would come close to expressing our thankfulness for them. We shared about the priceless and matchless gift of Jesus that is given freely and is the highest and best thing we could give. It was the Love of Jesus that compelled us to go and serve.

We prayed with Wong P, the friend who watched the children, as we pulled up to the curb at the airport. Our beloved driver, Kassi, gave me the honor to pray with him after he unloaded our bags from the truck. Jenny smiled really really big. As we walked to check in, she told me that Both Wong P and Kassi had both asked her that morning to know more about the Bible. One plants, another waters and God gives the increase!!!

Thank you Lord for making the pages of Your Word Alive to them.

Karen Bible School…

Our trip to the Mountain allowed us to spend a night at the Karen Bible school. Oh what Joy! Their Faith remains as they are persecuted…
Photos below:
Prayer “house”, Cooking for dinner, Service with the Pastor and Teacher, Kids at church service

prayer-house.JPG kbsd1.JPG kbsd2.JPG
kbsc1.JPG kbsc2.JPG

Fleeing your home…..and ending up???

We went to a mountainas region by Burma.. there are the refugee camps of the Karen people. In one camp, there was about 30,000 families in structures that the Thai government has built. Those families have fled as the Burmese government are attacking villages and killing the people.
Hard to believe that the disregard for human life exists in this day and age, but it most certainly does. ]

There is a river (SEE BELOW) that on the east side is Thailand and the West Side is a mountain. On the East Side of the Mountain it is still Thailand, but the west side is Burma. When the Burmese army wants to attack the Karen people who have fled to the East side of the mountain, they do so. From a stragetic position, it is not wise to put your army across the river. The Burmese Army knows this.. They also have lined the river with mines to “deter” the Karen people from “swimming” to the saftey of Thailand….
Please continue to pray for these people. To remain in the Hiding Place of God and under the Shadow of the Almighty.


11 straight line miles in 1.5 hours????

For one travelling in a vehicle, the roads are an experience of a thrill ride. Ok, it is hard to describe, because one really has to have the full 5 senses in play to comprehend the joy of the ride. But here is my best shot….. It is up STEEP mountain climbs starting on pavement then to dirt to river banks, to river roads (yes, driving in the middle of a running river), to rock beds, to narrow roads that are half washed out. All the while you are hearing the slosh of going through water, hearing squish of the up to 3 feet deep mud under the tires, feeling the tires slip as you drive through, realizing you are 3 inches away from a 300 foot drop off due to the wash out. You are smelling the green of the jungle and fresh rain while having your body slammed around as the vehicle ventures up the mountain… Sum it up as a thrill ride that made one laugh and left bruises on my body. All good fun!!! It was truly an adventure to arrive at a most important destination. And remember what goes up must come down. It was just as thrilling too!!!

Funny thing, I realized that in Thailand some of my elephant jokes don’t work. You know, why did the elephant have stripes painted on his back… so that he could hide on the highway. Ha-ha, have you ever seen an elephant on a highway? Well, here in the US, ah, no… But in Thailand, they need blinkers. That was pretty cool to see elephants being “driven” (ridden by a driver) down the road. Sorry, no photos… as we clipped by at approx 70-80mph on a two lane road… There are only speed suggestions, no limits… that is another thrill to be had.

I have a real appreciation for those who have gone before me with the message. I rode in awe as I imagined the travel by foot, horse, or elephant to some of these remote villages. Jenny shared that she took a motorbike (moped) to the village. When asked how she got the bike through the mud and river, she said “We carried it!”…. SELAH!

See photos below….

good-road.JPG MUD ROAD rroad1.JPG rbroad.JPG