There is a piece of the puzzle that has been missing

Have you been baptised since you’ve believed????
Pastor Eliso, Sister Tima and myself are beckoned to come to a house for prayer. We arrive at the house of Anita, she’s a sister who shares a remarkable testimony…. 23 years before her husband left her with two young sons. In her searching, she became a Christian. She recounts the faithfulness of God in her life. How divine provision and love have brought them to a place where she has a nice house and two cars (one for each of the sons). Anita testifies to the goodness of God. She then turns to me and says, There’s a piece of this puzzle that is missing and I believe you have it. I ask her if she’s been baptized with the Holy Spirit since she’s believed. She replied, no, she really did not know that much about the role of the Holy Spirit. I share with her from John 14-16… the role of the Holy Spirit, and His availability to all who ask.
She asks to receive the filling of the Holy Spirit. A new language from heaven fills her lips and joy overtakes her after a bit. Glory to God…. That is the piece that was missing and she says so. Thank you Lord for allowing me to give her the missing piece!

The world will know you by your love

John 13:35 (Amp) By this shall all know that you are My disciples, if you love one another, if you keep on showing love among yourselves.

Peter and his family did come to the service and received the Holy Spirit with others
Many are filled with joy as the Holy Spirit is moving among the hearts of the people. Glory to God ~ He’s pouring out His Spirit. People are being filled for the first time. Heavenly languages abound all over…. And there is a sweet presence of Jesus.

After the service, they serve a meal. Everyone brings a dish and shares it with the entire congregation. Each brings what they can and there is always more than enough to go around. We make sure that Peter and his family stay for lunch. Uma, Peter’s wife, and I are talking. She looks at me with tears in her eyes and says, “This is the first time we’ve ever felt love from people in our lives.” WOW…… They had experienced love from our Heavenly Father, but had not felt Love through people ~ the Love of God that is expressed in our treatment of others. Thank you Lord for allowing us to extend your love through our actions.

Stay on the Ship

Today is the first service we’re having here at Chauhen. (pronounced: Jo – haun).
It is so good to be back in the middle of the family…. I’m seeing the many faces that have flashed in prayer over the past year. Many who were going through trials and tribulations before are filled with joy and have peace all over them. Glory to God! I start to pray for those who had fire a year ago and now are not there ~ trails have pulled them away. Like Paul said in Acts 27 during the storm …. “If you stay on the ship, no life will be lost.” Lord, thank you for drawing back to the ship (church) those who have departed and Lord, reveal the truth of your love for them so they will never depart again.

We’re Christians!!!!!

John 15:11 That their joy and gladness may be of full measure, complete and overflowing.

Sitting on a ledge were 4 men, I greeted them and asked where they were from. Indonesia was the answer…. They worked on a cargo ship and were just in town on their stop. Thank you Holy Spirit for removing language barriers as I started to share with them. After a bit, they understood that I was a Christian. That the Love of God I was sharing was because of Jesus. One of them said, “We’re muslims.” I continued sharing about the Love that God sent for each one of them. God being so holy, that they could not possibly attain righteousness on their own. They all agreed. One by one they prayed to receive Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Laughter that comes from having Joy flood their heart filled their mouths by the time each one of them said “Amen.” After laughing for a bit, one of them looked at me and then the other three men, with a HUGE grin and wide open eyes, he said “WE’RE CHRISTAINS!!!” Laughter continued on as I smiled and said, “yes, you are Christians.” Glory to God!!!

When you see a brethern in need……

Pastor Nick is approached by man who asks if he’s a Christian. His name is Peter…..
Peter, his wife, Uma, and two children, came to town today being led by the Spirit of the Lord. They are former Hindu’s who found the truth. The price that one pays for conversion out of other religions is something that we can not possibly imagine. Yes, our family, neighbors and former friends might think we’re a bit zealous, but it does not compare to what others go through.

Because of his conversion, Peter and his family have been put out, totally shunned by the family, he lost his job and has been looking for work. The family has a small apartment in a Muslim community. That also presents a challenge. They have been persecuted not only by their family, but also their neighbors. Peter told us that all of that did not matter. He knows God is faithful! That is what led him to downtown Suva. Peter and his family needed rent and fees so his children could attend school. The Lord made a way for provision. Their rent was met above and beyond what they could ask for! Glory to God!!!

We invited Peter and his family to come to church on Sunday. Telling them that the taxi fare would be taken care of so they could attend. We pray for the family’s needs.