Words of reflection

Even though the blog just gives glimpses into what we did on the trip, I did not write all. My journal notes say:
Hundreds saved, what an honor to be a part of another outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I’m honored to have been sent to support in prayer and share the word.

Humbled by the testimonies of our brothers and sisters. I had never been in the presence of so many people who were stoned before. Actually had rocks thrown at them for sharing their faith. As I studied their faces, I could see where the rocks hit them. The resistance I sometimes encounter seems insignificant.

Grateful to have been sent here to be a part of the water baptism. What a special event to be a part of.

Privileged to pour out the Love of the Lord by serving meals and tearing down the walls of class separation.

A deeper love for the people of India has been placed in my heart.

Other notes say:
Traffic is not just crazy, it’s insane.. most insane traffic I’ve encountered…yet.
Motorized rickshaw rides were quite the experience…. no need for disneyworld.
Food was marvelous
Horns are hilarious ~ don’t know if I can sleep in quietness once again
People were precious, all beautiful…..

Free Beauty treatments

India is a great place for unscheduled beauty treatments. All free to those who visit.

There is free hair coloring. The minerals and iron in the water gave me a lovely shade of red. I was a strawberry blond ~ cool! It reminded me of being in Africa and what the water did to my hair there.

Mosquitoes are not necessarily good at determining the best place to do injections. I was bitten on the face, once below my eye and on the forehead. Oh yes, my face contorted, but hey there were no wrinkles. I figured that is what botox treatments are like!!!!

I’ll continue to stick with the Moses plan. It’s proven results.

Sorry, No Photos to be published 🙂 🙂

Developing the orphanage

We traveled north of Hyderabad to where Pastor John is opening the orphanage. The target date to receive children is by June first. The orphanage is set up to be self sufficient, with vegetable cultivation, a rice field, fruit bearing trees, and livestock/chickens. It is a wonderful place that will offer a school as well as housing.

I ask you to pray with me for the following:
There is a court decision that is in the process of being decided. Please pray for the Judge to rule in favor of Pastor John. Additional funding to complete the staff quarters and water tower are needed (if the Lord moves upon any of your hearts, let me know and I’ll get you hooked up with the right individuals), assigned staff to take their place, and for the Children to arrive on time in a completed place.

Orhanange, __________Pastor John and a newborn Lamb.
orphanage-1.jpg pastor-john-and-lamb.JPG

I want to follow your God and no others.

While I was waiting for our flight to depart, I sat next to a lovely lady, Sapna. She asked me what we were doing in India. I shared with her what we did: Supported the crusade, fed the people, and assisted with a free medical clinic. She was moved by what we did. Sapna proceeded to tell me about a situation that she had recently faced. How she had prayed to the Hindu gods and had no results. She then decided to pull into a parking lot of church and pray to Jesus for the answer. The answer came quickly. She asked me if I could tell her more about my God. I said sure. After I finished, she told me that she wanted to follow only my God and no others. She saw that He was the One True Living God. We prayed and the Holy Spirit was all over her. Sapna started fanning herself saying, oh my, I feel, I feel, so happy inside. It feels so wonderful, peaceful, good, that I want to cry. I rejoiced as the Lord made Himself real to her. We sat next to each other on the plane ride to Hyderabad and I enjoyed the exchange of who we were and where we came from. Thank you Lord for another wonderful seat assignment.


My Assignment a dentist

Each member of the team is assigned a place. They call my name and tell me that I am assigned to a dentist!!!!.. doing what, I’m not exactly sure, but that is where I’m assigned to and I’ll do my best.

I am led to the exam room and introduced to the dentist. As we talk, I discover she is not saved, but attended a Christian University. She told me she believed all that was shared, but had not made the commitment for Christ. I asked her if she wanted to make that commitment and she said yes. First Exam: One perfect filling. Glory to God.

I have to say, it was hard to watch the exams. Sterilization of instruments was a bucket of water. I wanted to offer up my Listerine, but was restrained as it would be an insult.

The dentist shared how she did not bring her extractors or other equipment. (Thank you Lord!) We did our best. The dentist prescribed dental rinses (when available), suggested follow up appointments, and I gave toothbrushes and paste. I asked if we needed to make sure they knew how to brush their teeth. Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn’t.

Sign in Telugu to identify our room___________________dental exam
dentist-3.jpg dentist-1.jpg