My language lesson: Luganda

It is my goal to be able to greet and give the most important message to people in their native language… The Lord has given me songs to sing as I teach them about His great love.. So, the Children and I sing about Jesus loving you, us and me…

Jesus Loves You!
Yeshu akwa gala! (Singular you)
Yeshu aba gala! (You Group)
Yeshu anja gala (Me!)

Mukama Yebazibwe!!! (Praise the Lord!!!)

We Bring Gifts

One part of the ministry in Seya was bringing gift bags to the village members. These bags contained suger, salt, soap and matches. All items that are used in cooking and are considered basic needs.

There are about 50 bags and 4 groups of us go out. I’m with Wilson, the Children’s home director, Pastor Joel, a wonderful man from a neighboring village, Chick, my fellow mission team member and a few young girls from the home. We head out and go door to door with the gift bags.

Door to door ministry has not been done in the village of Seya before, so it is a surprise to the villagers. Even more so, when they see Chick and me coming. Here we were, going out in the name of the Lord, to bring earthly gifts and then the Lord opened the door so we could also give the only and priceless eternal gift of Jesus. As we were going house to house, we were so well received. We were only suppose to be out an hour as it gets dark fast and there are no street lights. That hour went so fast and by the end, over 75 people had made a decision to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord.

Many of the families we ministered to were Muslims who were so hungry for the truth. It was precious to see Jesus make Himself so real to the people. We prayed for many to be healed. One man, in particualar, we prayed with to be set free from alcoholism. He wept as we prayed over him, taking authority over all that bound him, commanding those spirits to LET HIM BE FREE. This man said HE KNEW something was not different in his life. It was not just a “head” prayer and I’m on with it, but he was filled with the Holy Spirit as he received Jesus. How precious!
And thank you Lord for allowing us to bring the Gift that makes all who receive it, oh so happy, so very very happy!!

Gift bags waiting to be distributed gift-bag2.JPG

Visiting Seya… a place called home…

Pastor Bill and Linda have started Children’s homes. The term orphanage is negative, and the homes really do “adopt” the children and create a home for them…Seya is a village just outside Lugazi where the Hope House is located. To arrive, you drive through sugar cane fields that are flanked with tea plantations. It is a lush beautiful drive through the maze…

Our arrival is greeted with 50 exicted children running and singing as we pull up. What a welcome committee. It made me feel really special while all I was there to do was to make the children know they are special.

We do a short tour and then take out soccer balls. The children love to play soccer (football). With the assistance of the children, we pumped up the soccer balls and let them play! Kent and I jumpped right in and got involved… Some of the children were a bit shy, so we’d “play” one on one until they got close enough to receive a hug… Once the hugs were dispensed watch out, they all came over… It did not matter that hugs were not an official part of the game of soccer… Well recieved and “scored” many points. And the soccer balls were worn out by the end of the first week!!!

Kids playing soccer at Hope House kent-soccer.JPG

A Familiar place

On the drive, you could smell Lake Victoria. Which is the Largest freshwater lake in Africa and one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the world. The Nile River starts here in Uganda and flows north to the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Kampala is a modern city with a few hi-rise buildings.
Even though it was 10:30 at night, I started to notice a few things that made me feel like I was in a familiar place… Palm trees.. Yes, Palm Trees.

Before we departed, I knew that Uganda was not going to be like the other nations in Africa I had been to. I was aware that it was “Tropical”, but again, I did not really think about palm trees, lush greenery and sugar cane plantations galore! Banana trees, papaya trees and pineapple plants. WOW! I was feeling like I was back in Fiji. It was a familiar place…..

Falls outside of Lugazi, Uganda River running through

Assignments ~ all important no great, no small

Arrival was in the evening after almost 20 hours of travel… Another long day to get to a place with the gift of light.

Each of us has an assignment, none greater than the other.. All equally important and vital when it comes to the plan of God.
We are required to “complete the work” so we hear “well done, thy good and faithful servant”.
That means doing what we are assigned to do, so it allows others to do what they are assigned to do.

We are greeted and “wisked” through customs with out incident. This is only possible due to assignment… God’s assignment to a beautiful Ugandan lady. What is her assignment? She was placed in customs by the Lord to help missionaries get their distribution items through with out having to “pay someone”, be taxed, or confinscated by officials.

Coming through with 22 50lbs boxes labeled on the outside as: Children’s Clothing, Shoes, Computer items, Food, toys and medical supplies, can raise eyebrows and tempt officials to meet their own needs in this oppressed and desperate nation.

But no, she smiled big as she waved to us and greeted Pastor Bill. With out a problem, we were ushered to our bus for the next 2.5 hour journey to Lugazi….