The Eternal LifeGuard

We had time before our departure to the airport. So we decided to enjoy the nice warm tropical air (humid humid humid). We knew that it was cold cold cold in MN and wanted to soak it all in. We took our waters and sat on a lounge chair and looked at the stars.

One of the lifeguards came up and greeted me. I greeted him back.
In our exchange, I asked him if he knew the Eternal Lifeguard… He asked me to explain more. I told him about the One who guarded our eternal lives by dying for each one of us and our sins and then was resurrected. That Jesus was the one True Lifeguard if he would only receive. He gladly received and now knows that there is someone “watching over him.” Thank you Holy Spirit for showing us the doorways to share the wonderful gift of the Eternal Life Guard… Jesus Christ!!!


To Ghana we go….

Emily and I needed to stop over in Ghana as the Lord had special ministry for us. We spent a day ministering in the market and were so amazed by the people and the drawing of them to Christ. As we walked through, we shared and prayed with over 100 to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord. We had the sick and oppressed coming to us for prayer… We saw one man delivered from addiction and healings as we allowed the Love of the Lord to flow out… It was a wonderful time to share and pray. Many who were already believers in Christ asked us to pray for the success of their businesses.
That was also so special.. I have to say, I’ve never walked into a market and out with gifts given to us for free. The gifts were little momentos of Ghana, but the people who gave them to us will never be forgotten….

Life transforming power and Missionary rule amendment….

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine told me that he honestly was worried for me the first time I went to Africa… to quote him “I never thought you’d survive.” I just smiled and explained “that’s the life transforming power of Jesus Christ.” He agreed. I look back at how far the Lord has brought me and I shake my head in amazement. So many things that I never thought I’d do or experience…

If anyone knows anything about me it is that I have to have a clean bathroom and kitchen. We’ll leave the bathrooms untouched as some of them are… well not necessarily formal bathrooms… let’s just leave it at that.

To the kitchens…
One of my missionary rules (I’ll need to publish the full set) is to Never Ever look in a kitchen while on the missions field… You’ll never eat…
It was a struggle when I first began. Smells, not really clean cooking surfaces, no refrigeration, let’s not forget our little cockroach friends who like to dine with us and the list can go on… So instead of spending time in a kitchen, we went to the market for ministry.

One group immediately crossed the road to another section of more housing. I went with P. Love and two other team members straight into the market. After a few minutes, the two who were with me had to leave. One of them was getting sick and they decided to walk back to the house and rest… P. Love and I continued on in the market. We ministered there for over an hour. It was a sheer delight. Over 100 received Jesus as Lord. It was beautiful.

At the scheduled time, the other group came back and would not cross the road. I waved them over to stand in the shade but they would not.
Finally one came over and asked me how’d I do it? I was confused and they explained to me that the smell from the market was so bad that they could not get close to it.

They just could not believe it and said it truly had to be a miracle…. as I look back at the whole of it, yes indeed, I know that God has given me divine noseplugs as I smelled flowers that had the most delicate smells that have been created and the aroma of coffee in the morning… To me it is obvious that the prayers of all of you back here to remove hinderances are working.. Thank you and keep it up, your prayers have assisted in transforming my life…

Photos of the market below…
Oh yeah, some of the first timers want me to amend the rule to “Never look at a market, you’ll never eat”.

market1.JPG market3.JPG market2.JPG market4.JPG

We’re Bush kill?????REALLY!

We went to the village of Fetowa, which is 37 miles from Buchanan ~ the road was better, but we did have to get out and walk.

As we approached the village we had to pass the school. I’m not quite sure how they are able to get messages to let the people know the exact time of our arrival, somehow it happened. The school children had lined the “road” to welcome us with singing in their Basa language.

It is such a warm welcome that always touches my heart and further humbles me in regards to the call that God has placed upon each of us. To carry His love into the world, to see places that one only imagined about or saw in a national geographic magazine. WOW and WOW.

P. Henry spoke at this gathering and what he said made me laugh so hard. It was explained that when a young man becomes of age, he is sent out to make his first “kill” and bring it back so he can present it to the tribal chief. Well, Henry promised as he was sent out so many years ago, that he would bring back some missionaries. Way into the interior of this land, to a place where this is the first time a white person has been seen, he was bringing his “bush kill” to present to the Chief. Hey, did he just call us bush kill? The entire church errupted with laughter. Henry talked about how we ended up in Liberia and how excited he was to present us to the chief…. His right of passage had been completed…

Walking on part of the Road to Fetowa (l) a bridge they had to build so we could cross the river to reach the village.. (Amazing!!!)
lstrvlrd.JPG bridge.JPG

School Children singing for us and watching the service and two girls who walked and held my hands until we departed…
fetowa1.JPG fetowa21.JPG fetowa3.JPG