Can I make you dinner? A culinary blessing

Wazil ~ the chef at the hotel prayed with me to receive Jesus. The Light of the world entered and he was so happy so he asked if he could make me my dinner as an expression of thanks. I said sure and left it up to him what I would eat. He started me off with gingered prawn and chicken soup, truly a delight. The second course was Thai Fish cakes that were so delicious. The tastes were from another part of the world and dinner was an absolute treat! Wazil told the waiter that this was a special dinner for a special person. I’m thankful for the Lord for allowing me to be so special!!!!
NOTE: This was wonderful meal and no I don’t think I can cook it at home ~ you’l just have to trust me!!! No photos available.. ­čÖü

Frog Hunting

Frog Hunting

The resort has many activities for the kids so the parents can unwind at night. As I was walking back to my bure, there was a group was gathered around the lily pad. The group was “hunting” frogs and putting them back into the pond. A conversation starts about where was I from, as I spoke funny. All the kids were from New Zealand. One young girl, Ruby, said my accent was “cool” and all took guesses about where I was from. America!!! They were excited as I was their first “American.”┬Ł We talked about what I was doing. All the kids came to my bure to sit on the veranda and see photos of China, France, Friends and Meet Val. I share with them why I travel around the world. They all pray to receive Jesus. Thank you Lord, for the Children of the World!

Mom, you’ve got to meet her.and bring your camera!!!!

After the around the world session, I decided to turn in for the night and changed into my pajamas. About 20 minutes later, I had a knock at my door. It is one of the boys, Garrif and his mother, Jules. She apologizes and says, Garrif was so excited that he dragged her here to meet me. It was ok with me. Garrif also wanted her to also meet Val, as he travels with a small bear, Mr. Ears. Jules and I talk about my travels. Garrif says, she has a photo of the Eiffel tower in Paris. They share that it is where Garrif’s dad proposed to his mother many years before. Garrif says, Mom, I want a photo of her so I can take her photo to school for show and tell! Yikes! Please let me change!!!


Public Transportation or is it?

One of my experiences over on this side of the island has to do with transportation. It is different from being in Suva where transportation was frequent, affordable and not really that far from downtown. Where I’m staying now is approx 15 Kilometers from downtown Sigatoga and there are a few ways to get around: 1. Two feet~ with the distance, it is not the most time efficient way to get to town. 2. Taxi Cab ~ the fare one way to downtown is $15 not the most wise way to spend my money 3. Public Bus – I enjoy riding the bus here as I get to meet so many people. But bus schedules in Sigatoga are about every hour and run on Fiji time ~ you need to be early because the bus might be early and if you miss it, the next one will come in an hour (hopefully). 4. Mini Vans & Trucks. There are a number of mini vans making runs along the Queens road. It is the only major road here in Fiji and it circles the entire Island. Drivers make passenger runs back and forth from Nadi to Suva. It is not uncommon for a mini van to stop and pick up a “rider” that flags them down and the fare is the same as the public bus. Trucks are even cheaper. Back home, I think it would be kind of like “hitchhiking”┬Ł ~ here it is normal public transportation and it’s another adventure with the Holy Spirit!!!!

I had a big change inside of me today

It was impressed upon my heart to go into town for a few hours. I prayed for my transportation and I flagged down a mini van to take me to Sigatoga. Vasnish, the driver tells me that he’s a Hindu and he makes sacrifices to millions of gods. However, he has not met the One True Living God that gives eternal life. He’s still looking. Our discussion centered about how we could not do something┬Łthat would be enough as we are not holy. I share about how God loves him and how He made the way with the One Truly Holy Sacrifice that gives us eternal life. Vanish listened intently and then asks me to show him how to receive Jesus and meet the One True Living God. We pray. A few minutes later, he looks at me and says, I know that today I had a big change inside of me. I want to pray and I don’t really pray. I feel like I’m a different person. Glory to God! He continues on, you know, my wife has a bible, and she reads it. I need to take you to my wife. I lightly protested as I wanted to get to the bank and exchange money. Vasnish tells me it is really important that I met his wife. I agreed to go. We arrived downtown and Vasnish led me to his wife. Irene, his wife, was surprised to see him bring a blond lady into the back of the stand. He tells her, Listen to her. You need to listen to her. I had first thought that Irene was already saved and praying for her husband and that is why I dismissed the first request of going to meet her. I repented quickly as I found out that she too, was seeking. The Lord was answering her prayers. TO KNOW HIM. Irene and I prayed for her to receive Jesus. Afterward, I prayed with Vasnish and Irene to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Two other ladies, both believers, were watching as the Holy Spirit filled them. Afterward, they said, we want the Holy Spirit and they were filled. Glory to God!!!

Prayers for the people…..ANSWERED!!!

There is a minority group of Muslims here. It is Ramadan and they are fasting. My prayers have been for the Lord to use the fast as a way for them to hear the True Spirit of the Lord. There have been opportunities to share and they are open to receive Jesus as Lord and fill them with the Holy Spirit. Oh the Light and responses from them afterwar. Joy unspeakable that fills them with Glory once they discover the True and Living Lord!!! Sa Vinaka na Kalo (God is Good!!)