Going Back to School

Today is the first day I will be going back to the primary school. I am excited to see the teachers and be around the children again.

I see Mrs. Pareti, the headmistress from last fall, and she’s excited that I’m back. When I was here last fall, I carried world maps here for the school to have for all the classrooms. At the time, I was short three maps. So, I had her the three maps I promised to bring on my return. She is amazed that I kept my word. She talks about how no one comes back and much less keeps their word. She then tells me, no matter who is there as headmaster, I’m always welcomed to come to the school. For I really care.

I’m just delighted to be back in front of the Children again… I am amazed at the number of children who are approaching me to greet me and tell me they are so glad I’m back. Lord, it is Your Love that has touched their hearts that has them remember me. I’m thankful for that.

Lunch with Family…

Lunch at Angelyn’s, she’s a Indian young lady that I met who works at the school. Her mother, Florence, sister in law, Bharti and brother, Edwin, join us. They make a feast. It is a good thing that it is a cool day so I can eat. Thank you Lord. I will actually be able to eat a bit more than I’ve been eating.

Lunch includes: Chicken Masala, (cinnamon, cloves, and chili’s), curried fish, fried fish, prawn fried rice, roti, salad ~ cucumbers, carrots and greens. All very lovely. I say Svadit (tasty).

We enjoy good conversation and then watch the wedding video of Bharti and Edwin. They were married Dec 21st, 2007. Florence was raised a Christian so she prayed for the right one for her son. Bharti came and met Florence at the school. When they talked, she knew this was the girl for her son. When Bharti saw Edwin, the Lord spoke to her too. That was it. Then they proceeded to marriage. One of the customs is to rent a “bus” to transport all the grooms family (extended and almost the entire village) to the brides “hometown” for the wedding. Angelyn asks me which one of us should be next. She told me she wants to marry a Fijian boy and that I should marry an Indian boy. I kid them about “renting a boat” to bring his family from Fiji to US for the wedding. We all laugh!!!!

I’m overtaken by Your Love….The Blessings of Obedience….

I want to share a wonderful testimony with you…. May this bless you as you walk out your path of service.
God is wanting to bless those who listen and obey with out delay.

The house I’m renting came furnished, but the bed was quite a challenge. I’m use to sleeping on firm beds and this one was so “soft” and had no support it was bothering my back. I was so stiff in the morning. Sleeping on the floor was not working either. I had lifted it up to the Lord in prayer about a mattress… Making my request known unto Him.

Yesterday, I had just got done ministering in the valley~ how Wonderful it was walking across streams, down little foot paths, looking up at the lush volcanic mountains(?), thinking am I dreaming or am I really here. Thanking the Lord that I’ve been given the honor to do the work of the ministry. I looked at Jordan, barefooted, trekking through the “forest” ahead of me, and saw the tender heart and pure desire to let all know the truth. It is precious. I had told the Lord if this is my thorn in the side, being bothered by not having a firm matress, I’ll press through. And then, I got the following e-mail…. (I still cry when I read it…. God is good all the time.)

Hi – I don’t have much time to write right now, I am just sitting down to dinner, but the Lord laid it on my heart to purchase a (firm) mattress for you. Please let me know how much it costs and how to get the money to you.

Thank you Lord for meeting all or our needs!!!!!

Going further up the valley road……

We have a bus ride 30 or so minutes up into the valley to Waicoba, so I’m believing that that will be enough time of rest for me. The sun and heat is taking a toll on me, as I’m really not use to it. Jordan has renamed me “Miss Lali”, (means red/pink).

We take a break in the shade so I can rest for a bit as we wait for the bus. My prayers are for the Lord to protect me. The sunscreen comes off quicker than I can apply it. The Holy Ghost reveals to me a scripture where the sun can not smite me… Ps 121:6. I never knew there was a anti-sunburn verse. Thank you Lord for my protection from the elements!

Praise the Lord, the ride is enough to cool me down and calm my insides as I pray in the Spirit looking out at the valley. The volcanic mountains are lush green and have a mist arising out of the valley. It is a sight to see. My mind is wondering back to the missionary books that talk about the interior of Papua New Guinea. Am I really the one walking through the “tropical rain forest?” It is an honor and gracious privilege to be entrusted with brining truth to those who have not heard before.

A heart of compassion….

We start the trek back and will be ministering at houses along the return path.

The second stop is the house of Indra, a recent widow, who has one of her sons staying with her. As we approach each place, Jordan explains a bit about the family. Whether or not they are related, know Jesus, are hindu or muslim. It is sweet and again shows more of his heart of compassion. Indra is a Methodist and really needs encouragement. During the break, Jordan worked at one of the lemon groves to earn money. He stayed with Indra as at that time, her husband just transitioned to heaven and her sons were away. We sit in an area that Jordan tells me that he prayed every night. It is a sweet presence. We visit for awhile and then pray with Indra and her son Jullian to be saved and filled. Glory to God.

We continue back crossing the streams, through the “woods”, we take a diversion off the path to cross the stream in a different place to go to one house. It is such a sweet walk through the valley. It is precious to see how the Holy Spirit leads and guides Jordan through our “adventure”. We “happen” upon a woman crossing the stream who readily receives the good news. Then proceed up to a house where one was awaiting for the precious gift of Jesus. As we approach, I still can’t help but marvel at the sensitivity of Jordan’s heart to making sure that these people that live, really, out in “the jungle/forest” hear the good news. I’m so touched. We have good conversation as we walk along the paths about the Lord and what He’s showing each of us.